About Us

Aliyans is a unique and trustworthy brand consolidated with all the core attributes which make Aliyans A STANDARD. Our core values include Halal, hygienic, and healthy meats, best-quality lentils, high-grade spices, superb frozen foods, and fresh vegetables. Aliyans is a unique & uncompromised brand with reliable door-step service and highly trained employees, which make Aliyans A STANDARD and an indomitable brand.

What We Offer?

  • Jalilah

    I’m trying to feed my family healthy foods and trying to avoid the hormones and antibiotics as I’m well-aware of the implications. I ran across aliyansdirect.com, honestly, I had ordered Chicken reluctantly, however, I can’t express how happy I’m that I actually did.

  • Adil

    Love the meat products that make meals for people who like healty foods. Great quality products and fabulous service  we are proud to be a family fuelled by meats from aliyansdirect.com

  • Huda

    Consistently good value and great quality meat. Surprisingly very keen to know whether we've enjoyed it too.