About Us

We at aliyansdirect.com serve you THE absolute best halal meat, fresh vegetables and pure peace of mind.
Founded in 2004 in Chicago, we have over 10 successful years of legacy in the business of halal meat, Indo-Pak and Mediterranean food. Our core values are halal hygienic food, uncompromised quality and reliable door-step service.
We have a diverse clientele. Our clientele includes both businesses and individuals, Muslims from all corners of the world and foodies who like South Asian food. Midwest knows AliyansDirect well. We will soon be serving nationwide.
Our distinction is unparalleled quality, ease of use for our service and staying loyal to our claims.  You do not need to roam bazaars to find halal meat. Just go to AliyansDirect, order halal meat and prepare to cook your food without ever worrying about halal-ness and quality. We got it covered for you with our handpicked animals and 100% halal zabiha.
We offer groceries and all items you need in a kitchen. Meaning, if you have a recipe, you can get everything you need in cooking that recipe with a few clicks on AliyansDirect. Even if you do not have a recipe, add two more clicks in the process and you have a complete halal food package delivered right at your doorstep.
For busy families, we offer halal frozen meals including biryani, karahi and a range of South Asian and Arab dishes. You can use these packed meal on busy days, picnics or when expecting guests.
We offer one of the most diverse halal, subcontinental and Arab/ Mediterranean food products online. We have one of the diverse food products online. From green chili to cooked Nihari, Tandoori Roti to Garlic Nan, from bakery items like Gulab Jamun to halal mutton and beef; we serve everything. With this variety, we deliver prime quality.
Let our services tell you more about us. Explore our portal, test our claims; join today and make your first purchase.