Why Aliyans meats are flash-frozen and not fresh?



For most people, the words "frozen" and "fresh" don't go together. Images of freezer-burned steaks, frozen TV dinners, and old leftovers pop into their mind. 

There's a distinct difference between Aliyans' flash-freezing and the usual freezing process

Flash-Freezing fresh meat right after it's processed both extends the shelf life and preserves the delicious taste. The freezing process also protects the meat from bacterial contamination that is more likely at room temperature. All meat is flash frozen right at our processing plant before shipping - so freezing meat is the best option for people who want the freshest quality. Many people complain of the mushy texture meat has after it's been frozen. But by rapidly freezing the meat, it stops large ice crystals from forming - preventing the strange texture and taste that is often associated with meat frozen slowly in the freezer. As with everything we do, Aliyans freezes the meat in a way that is both safe and produces the absolute best taste.